Lawrence, KS Lessons

Lawrence, KS Lessons


I offer clarinet lessons to people of all ages and ability levels in the Lawrence, Kansas area.  Whether you are a beginning student trying to advance quickly, a high school student seeking help with All-State or college audition music, an advanced performer, or someone wanting a new hobby, I can help!

1 hour lesson in your home: $45/hr + $5 travel fee
1/2 hour lesson in your home: $25/half hour + $5 travel fee

Teaching Philosophy

The foundation of my teaching philosophy involves meeting students at their current level by assessing their strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, personalities, and musical goals. My aim as a teacher is to empower students with a collection of musical and organizational tools to become independent music learners, to find their expressive musical voice, and to develop professional skills related to their career endeavors.

Using a pragmatic, inquiry-based approach that is rooted in proper fundamentals, I act as a diagnostician to help students to embrace their talents and overcome their difficulties. Considering the uniqueness of every student, I have a relentless dedication to developing personalized strategies and creating individualized plans for each person. I function on both a micro and a micro level in my lessons, targeting students’ overarching fundamental weaknesses with daily exercises that are designed to raise their overall performance levels.

Students are expected to uphold their highest standards during lessons and practice sessions. Using technical studies, etudes, and solo/chamber/orchestral repertoire as a vehicle, students develop mastery of tone production, technique, articulation, intonation, phrasing, style, performance practice, and effective practice strategies. I assist students in making their own musical decisions that are informed by theory, harmony, and history, as well as helping them understand the body mechanics involved in playing and teaching the clarinet. Above all, I want my students to learn to transcend the notes on page and captivate their listeners – the clarinet is merely a tool for expressing the music that lies inside.

Private instruction is not only a place for musical growth, but also for developing real-world attributes such as setting and achieving goals, critical thinking, scheduling and planning, interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, overcoming doubt and performance anxiety, and expressing oneself with courage and purpose.